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Giveaway: 13, Rue Therese

There sure is a lot of positive buzz for 13, RUE THÉRÈSE by Elena Mauli floating around the blogosphere these past few weeks! Just check out a few of the raving reviews that Reagan Arthur Challenge participants have already written:

Jennifer of Rundpinne

Jen of Devourer of Books

Alison of Alison’s Book Marks

Now that we’ve got your interest, would you like to have your very own copy of  13, RUE THÉRÈSE?

The fine folks at Hachette have graciously given us a copy to share with one very lucky “new” participant in the Reagan Arthur Books Challenge. To be eligible, all you have to do is sign up for the Reagan Arthur Challenge before March 31, 2011. That’s it… pretty simple, right?

The Reagan Arthur Challenge is a perpetual challenge — that means no start or stop dates and no stress. We wanted to keep this challenge as fun and simple as possible because we truly believe that Reagan Arthur books are something special and deserve to be read! We hope you’ll agree.


April 2, 2011 update:

Welcome to all our new participants!  We hope you enjoy exploring Reagan Arthur Books as much as we do.  We’re happy to announce that the randomly chosen winner is Erin!   Congratulations, Erin!


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